Seasons Of My Soul

Seasons of my Soul is a new resource devised by the Methodist Church and the Church of England designed and aimed at people in the second half of life. Which, if we are being honest, is 90% of our congregations. So that means it's aimed at YOU. Yes, I mean YOU reading this article right now.
It's designed to engage with eight themes th
at have particular significance in the second half of life, all explored within the context of the Christian Faith and the journey we are all undertaking. It will provide a way to reflect back on the past, engage with the present and look forward to the future.

The eight themes that will be covered are:

  • Identity:- exploring who we are and what that might mean to each one of us.
  • Transition times (change):- exploring the important moments of transition in our life.
  • Memories:- exploring our past as we remember it today.
  • Wisdom:- what do we think it means to be wise, how have we discoveredwisdom and who has helped us make those discoveries.
  • Roles and Relationships:- what is our purpose and priorities now
  • Forgiveness and reconcilliation:- exploring how we can offer and received wholeness and healing through being channels of God's grace.
  • Death and dying:- how can we move towards the end of life with purpose, grace and dignity.
  • Celebration of Life:- how can we celebrate life in its fullness.

The times and dates for the next session will be:
Wednesday 4th April - Hazel Grove Methodist Church 10:30am - 2:00pm.
Thursday 5th April - Green Close Methodist Church 10:30 - 2:00pm.

The theme of this session will be "Roles and Relationships".

There is a book to accompany the course, currently available from for £3.00 plus postage.

It promises to be to be an exciting time with people from our five families of faith coming together to share their own experiences and insights. All you have to do is come along, bring a packed lunch with you and be prepared to join in.

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